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An Instagram marketing tool that helps you find more followers

Combin is an Instagram marketing tool that may be used to attract real users, real likes, real comments and genuine user engagement rather than trying to attract other user without really engaging them or offering value to your users/viewers. You may search the social media network, and then target certain users who are the most likely to follow you.

Search for users and target them

Combin allows you to target users so that you may present your images to people who are the most likely to enjoy them and subsequently follow your profile. If your targeting searches also finds social media influencers, then you may view their posts and comment on their posts in order to maybe encourage them to follow you and share your content. One issue that business & productivity departments and social media marketers have with social media networks such as this is user and follower management. An old and dying tactic is to follow a bunch of people, have them follow you back, and then unfollow those people and repeat the process. This tactic doesn't work as well anymore because the people you unfollowed are typically the ones you re-find when you restart the process. 

Target the people your competitors are attracting

The best and easiest way to get new followers is to search through your competitors with the program since they have the same target audience as you. Sort your competitors by their number of followers, and focus your marketing on the people you find who follow your competitors. If you are looking for a broader audience, then search through the most popular posts by relevant locations and hashtags. The developers have created a very look-alike Instagram user interface , this makes it very intuitive and helps the user feel a little more at home. The most powerful tool is the search tool that allows you to find users and posts by hashtags, location, a combination of hashtag + location, as well as by followers and commenters of Instagram accounts.

It is not a follower farmer

There are plenty of online tools that claim they help you to quickly find and engage with your target audience, but Combin is not a follower farmer or a type of bot account. Combin is a social network marketing tool used for finding and engaging with people who are statistically more likely to be part of your target audience. It searches through the posts, tags and information of other users to help you find users who fit whatever parameters you entered into the tool. It is a very labour-intensive tool when compared to most bot-powered follower-farming tools, but the effort you put in will hopefully result in organic follower growth and genuine comments on your posts. The program was created by OpenMedia LLC, which is most famous for its shareware program called 4K Download.

Combin helps to grow your Instagram quickly and safely

Advanced Instagram Search:

Find posts by hashtag or location, perform combination searches by hashtag + location. Get the most relevant content and potential customers you can interact with right from the tool.

Targeted People Search:

Find subscribers and commenters of your competitors and of any public account similar to yours, and make them a part of your community!

Follow/Unfollow System:

Manage your Instagram following and followers in one tab. Find out who doesn’t follow you back. Get attention of potential clients by subscribing to them in one click. Perform tasks for single and mass following and unfollowing.

Easy Communication:

Participate in discussions with your potential followers under the found posts, leave likes and comments. They will be scheduled and performed accordingly to Instagram daily activity limits.

Sorting + Preview:

Decide yourself who to follow and what posts to interact with. See previews of Instagram posts and accounts. Sort search results by relevance, get the most followed users and the hottest posts first.

Multiple Account Management:

Save your time by switching between multiple Instagram accounts in one click!

What makes Combin different from other similar software:

1. Combin is aimed to save time by automating actions Instagram brand owners have to do manually in order to determine their target audience and interacting with it.

2. Combin doesn’t violate Instagram activity limits with its smart task scheduling system, hence preventing your account from being banned.

3. Combin brings only genuine likes, comments, and followers, depending on your content’s quality and doesn’t deal with bots, chains of fake accounts, or other forbidden techniques.

4. Combin provides post preview and tracks posts you have already liked and commented, which saves your Instagram from looking like an automated bot account.

5. Combin was created by collective wisdom of competent developers and Instagram brands themselves to meet their own needs, and is flexible — you may suggest your own ideas about helpful features and they will be implemented.

Say a decided NO to fake Instagram followers gaining applications! Get genuine engagement and real followers with safe, free, and crossplatformCombin tool.


  • Doesn’t promise what it can't deliver
  • Search for people in specific geographic locations
  • Takes very little time to learn how to use it
  • Set search limits and specify posting-date parameters


  • May be too simplified for some users
  • There are too few customization options

Program available in other languages

Combin for PC

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User reviews about Combin

  • Jade Jade

    by Jade Jade

    I like the app. It is very powerful to find the target audience and automate liking, commenting and following.

  • Jade Jade

    by Jade Jade

    I like the app, it is great and useful. Recommend it to everyone.

  • Jade Jade

    by Jade Jade

    I like the app! It is very powerful to find the target audience and automate liking, commenting and following. The app is worth every penny.

  • Valerie Melrouse

    by Valerie Melrouse

    I like the app. It is very powerful to find the target audience and automate basic actions. It is worth every cent.

  • Kate Green

    by Kate Green

    I totally recommend it. I used it for many months to automate trivial actions like following and liking, and the app works great. In addition, the sea More

  • Torsten Berg

    by Torsten Berg

    pretty good application for organic growth. I like searching functions especially for users, usability, and safety


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